Friends of pens and stamps, be welcome!

Receiving the largest amount of postcards is my objective !

From China, Australia, North Pole or Timbuktu, your postcard is very important for me.

my stamp
Je t'envoie une carte postale
9 rue Jean Jaurès
What is this website?
Postcards in my website come from postcrossers, friends (i thank them for their kind thoughts during their holidays), some discovered at the bottom of a drawer, or simply from people that Google’s meanders have been landed here!  
How to be part of this project?
It’s simple: Just get a stamp, a pen and a postcard of your town or a country you are visiting. Write some nice words, stick the stamp and mail it to my address. Wait a few weeks, and... your postcard will appear on my website along with the others! Simple, isn’t it?
Why do so?
No reasons, unless you want to be kind with me and to see your postcard shown with the others!
Well, will you send me your postcard?
I hope so!
Many thanks in advance!


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