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Receiving the largest amount of postcards is my objective! 
From China, Australia, North Pole or Timbuktu, your postcard is very important for me. 

Postcards in my website come from postcrossers, friends (i thank them for their kind thought during their holidays), some discovered at the end of a drawer, some others from unknown persons met on my web tough matches (Miniclip players know what I’m referring to...) or simply from persons that Google’s meanders have been landed here! 

How to be part of this project? 
It’s simple: It’s enought to get a stamp, a pen and a postcard of your town or a country you are visiting. Write some nice words, stick the stamp and mail it to my address. Wait some weeks, and... your postcard will appear on my website together with the others! Simple, isn’t it? 

Why to do so?
No reasons, unless to be kind with me and to see your postcard shown with the others! 

Well, will you send me your postcard? I hope so!

Many thanks in advance! 

PS :

If you wish to swap a postcard with me, don’t forget to write your address on your card.

Postcards in my mailbox this week

A postcard from Brockton, MA (Randall Family)
A postcard from Brockton, MA (Randall Family)
USA. In my mailbox on July 27th, 2015
5 912 Km
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My selection

Total : 1100 postcards

US 290 France 83 Germany 59 Canada 55 Netherlands 48
Russia 46 Finland 38 Australia 33 Indonesia 32 England 32
Malaysia 29 China 23 Italy 20 Taiwan 17 Brasil 16
Japan 15 Spain 14 Swiss 13 Poland 13 Belgium 13
Philippines 12 Belarus 12 Thailand 12 Czech Republic 11 Hong Kong 11
South Korea 10 Singapor 08 Ukraine 08 New Zealand 07 India 07
Greece 07 Turkey 07 Luxembourg 06 Portugal 06 South Africa 05
SLovenia 05 Denmark 04 Mexico 04 Oman 04 Lituanie 03
Latvia 03 Romania 03 Estonia 03 Sweden 02 Macedonia 02
Austria 02 Algeria 02 Serbia 02 Egypt 02 Vietnam 02
Norway 01 Lebanon 01 Israel 01 Sri Lanka 01 Chile 01
Laos 01 argentina 01 Jordan 01 Uganda 01 Alang Islands 01
Faroe_Islands 01 liechtenstein 01 Suriname 01 Equatorial Guinea 01 Malta 01
Cambodia 01 Mongolia 01 North Korea 01 Bahrein 01

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